Fund target size

Entrepreneurship Equity up to €30m within 24 months

Investment focus

Beside investments in the Fund where the allocation is tailored according to each investor profile ranging from a single deal to a compound basket of equity stakes, we can propose deal by deal opportunity investment in co-investment mode

Mainly fast growing Tech companies for their high performance for its predicted performance, liquidity & risk mitigation

Investment Criteria

Fast growing business, technology driven, good business model & product market fit and strong management team

Exit strategy as a mandatory selection criteria


Management team in continental Europe with deep industry knowledge, successful entrepreneurs background and a proven investment track record

Advisors Team regrouping former C level executives

Managers & Senior advisors to commit a minimum of 10% in each club deal amount

Launch date

December 2017

Legal form

Luxemburg domiciled SCSp (« société en commandite spéciale ») including pockets shares: one per Investment transaction (as specific payoff’s rules may apply)



Fund size (objective)

100.000.000 shares @ €1 per share

Min. initial subscription



Holding period is one of the core criteria. The management team is focused on Exist since inception (expected to be less than 5 years)

Valuation frequency

On a yearly basis (mandatory) or event driven

Entry fees

1,5% – 4 %

Management fees

1,5% per year of invested fund

Proceeds distribution
at each deal exit

There are defined per club deal’s terms and conditions

Generally between 5% – 20% above hurdle.

Management company

Accurafy Advisory SARL registered in Luxemburg

& Accountant (Fiduciaire)

Grant Thornton – Luxemburg


ING – Luxemburg


Deloitte – Luxemburg

Accurafy4 Portfolio


Investment date:
March 2018

Country: US

CEO: Helder Antunes

Founder: John Galinski

Co-Founder: Nigel Walker

GDS was founded in 2014 with the single purpose of improving corporate and government proactive cyber defense capabilities. GDS uses a number of proprietary tools to provide an integrated, centrally managed solution to maintain data security

Investment date:
September 2018

Country: France

Founder: Carl Lauron

Founded in 2015 BuyCo is revolutionizing the exchange between worldwide carriers by streamlining all communication and interaction between freight forwarders, carriers and shippers through its online, integrated platform

Investment date:
March 2018

Country: Spain

Founder: Marcs Felis,
Eric Pallares, Roger Uceda,
Xavi M Faneca

BCN3D is one of the leading manufacturers of desktop 3D printers worldwide

Investment date:
September 2019

Country: France

Founder: Erwan Le Méné, Theophane Le Mené

EcoTree conjures environmental awareness and virtuous investments by offering individuals and companies the opportunity to invest in tree planting and forestry management


Investment date:
Mars 2020

Country: France

Founder: Nicolas Durand

Cozynergy simplifies, carries out and certifies energy renovation work via a proprietary digital platform that integrates all customer services

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