Funnel of Accurafy 4

Investment methodology



Proactive hunting through Personal contact, network, knowledge and Agents (BUT NO PASSIVE DEPENDANCE WITH CAPITAL RAISING FIRMS)


Due diligence (time to market is key, fast
decision process) of all investment opportunities based on 5 pillars:

Market & Sector momentum (10), Key People confidence (20),  Finance metrics (20),  Our Hands-on capacity to expand the growth and to improve C level and governance (20),  Exit perspective and scenario (30)

A final Cross checking process takes place before taking the decision (independant assessment of clients, users etc.…)


Being at the board level with an Hands-On approach to assist in organization, go to market and international construction


Management: being active through our networks study all exit scenario

Operational governance

Investment legal organization

Luxembourg domiciled SCSp

Master fund Agreement

_ Liquidity conditions _ Investment decision process rules _ Rules of Proceeds (for A4 and

Co Investments arrangement) _ Rules of Reporting _ Regulatory Evolution to AIFMD for next Vehicule

Right team with the right experience

Accurafy Advisory

7 rue de Bitbourg
L-1273 Luxembourg