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Fund target size

Entrepreneurship Equity up to €30m within 24 months

Investment focus

Beside investments in the Fund where the allocation is tailored according to each investor profile ranging from a single deal to a compound basket of equity stakes, we can propose deal by deal opportunity investment in co-investment mode

Mainly fast growing Tech companies for their high performance for its predicted performance, liquidity & risk mitigation

Investment Criteria

In Entrepreneurship Equity, technology leadership/disruptive model, market potential, business model and strong management quality

Exit strategy as a mandatory selection criteria


Management team in continental Europe with deep industry knowledge, successful entrepreneurs background and a proven investment track record

Advisors Team regrouping former C level executives

Sponsor: Managers & Finaccurate Holding to commit in seed money

Launch date

December 2017

Legal form

Luxemburg domiciled SCSp (« société en commandite spéciale ») including pockets shares: one per Investment transaction (as specific payoff’s rules may apply)



Fund size (objective)

100.000 shares @ €1.000 per share

Min. initial subscription



Holding period is one of the core criteria. The management team is focused on Exist since inception (expected to be less than 5 years)

Valuation frequency

On a yearly basis (mandatory) or event driven

Entry fees

0% except if distributors impose entry fees (4% max) for its services

Management fees

1,5% per year of invested fund

Proceeds distribution
at each deal exit

100% of proceeds to Investor up to a Hurdle IRR of 15% for PE

Above hurdle rate, all upside proceeds are shared as per 40% for the Management company and 60% for the investors

Management company

Accurafy Advisory SARL registered in Luxemburg

& Accountant (Fiduciaire)

Grant Thornton – Luxemburg


ING – Luxemburg


Deloitte – Luxemburg

Accurafy 4 Advisory

1 rue Nicolas Simmer
L-2538 Luxembourg