Our structure

A solid 4-pillar governance and strict legal compliance

A General Partner (GP) founded by successful entrepreneurs bringing their expertise to scale business and improve exit values.

A club of qualified Investors (LPs) offering investment and expertise to A4 selected companies.

LP/GP master agreement between A4 and the management company (see opposite).

A senior advisory board (among investors) with strong track records in entrepreneurship and/or business experts.

About the management company

Accurafy 4 is an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) under Luxembourg law constituted as a Special Limited Partnership Company (SCSp). The fund is administered with Grant Thornton Luxembourg, a regulated PSF by CSSF.

The AIF A4 whose operating rules are set by the articles of association, is officially declared but not regulated by the regulator CSSF.

Accurafy Advisory, GP of A4, has been registered as an AIFM by the CSSF under N° A00002801.

The company aims to provide qualified investors the opportunity to achieve optimized returns by investing in creative value-added operations.

The Management Company and its Partners are remunerated almost exclusively from any capital gains realised on exit, the proportion of fees deducted being clearly indicated in each of the Terms & Conditions.

Meet the investment team

A team of serial investors and entrepreneurs in fast growing businesses

Frédéric CARON

Co-founder and CEO

20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and investment within the FinTech industry.

Sustaining the growth of Traderforce, AM Fine and many others as entrepreneurs in the Regtech arena.

Also co-founder of Maslow Capital Partners: M&A transactions and secondary takeover of private equity funds.

Graduate of Ecole Centrale Lille.

As a cofounder, CEO but also senior advisor, I am bringing my experience to fast growing companies to define business development strategy and execute sales & marketing plans.

I am also accompanying executive managers in delivering valuable business plan and managing their fund raising and exit strategy.

Areas of expertise

Finance, M&A, Deal structuration
FinTech & RegTech
Sales execution & International Expansion

Christophe PECHOUX

Managing Partner

Christophe brings 20 years of experience in C&I Banking, as a senior executive and serial private investor.

Acting as senior advisor for some large Tech corporations and developing a large network in the Tech space, he has launched the first regulated tokenized Venture capital fund.

He runs the Singularity University Chapter in London and has a master degree in Computer Science & Maths.

I spent a large part of my career in the financial industry as a senior executive and gained a wide experience managing several business units. My diversified background display a strong interest on managing the value of financial assets in commercial ventures. I am at a stage of my life where I want to leverage this knowledge and share it with wider community of entrepreneurs. The chance to be associated as a member of the executive team of Accurafy4 companies, is therefore exciting.

Areas of expertise

FinTech, InsurTech, Prop Tech
Distribution & International Expansion
Business Development & Risk Management

I spent a large part of my career in the financial industry as a senior executive and gained a wide experience managing several business units. My diversified background display a strong interest on managing the value of financial assets in commercial ventures. I am at a stage of my life where I want to leverage this knowledge and share it with wider community of entrepreneurs. The chance to be associated as a member of the executive team of Accurafy4 companies, is therefore exciting.

Rodolphe SEYNAT

Managing Partner

Founder and CEO of LYRIS GROUP.

20 years of professional experience in the construction of large industrial and logistics projects for international brands.

Solid experience in the management of companies and the structuring of teams dedicated to the management of large-scale projects.

Co-founder of Everbim specializing in artificial intelligence applied to the real estate industry from design to maintenance.

In 2019, I decided to join Accurafy 4 because I wanted to diversify my activities beyond real estate, which is my core business, with entrepreneurs whose values and passions I shared. We have strengthened the team with the partners to integrate very strong skills in technology and CSR in order to reinforce A4's strategy in the Tech for Good market and to take stakes in very promising start-ups. This very enriching journey in a world I didn't know completes today my vision as a business leader.

Areas of expertise

Construction and logistics
Real Estate Development and Developer
Structuring of teams & management of large-scale projects

Candice BAUDET

Managing Partner – IR, Communications & CSR

15 years of professional experience.

Former M&A analyst and consultant in financial communications & investor relations.

Graduate of ESCP-EAP (Corporate Finance) and Paris-Dauphine University (Master's degree in Sustainable Development).

Teaming up with Accurafy Advisory offers me the opportunity to have a foothold in the tech & start-up universe, as well as to benefit from its very flexible model. I can bring my know-how and share my network to entrepreneurs & their teams, whose business model have convinced me and that I want to support. With AA, I can be an active investor and make a difference.

Areas of expertise

PR & Financial Communication
Social, Societal & Environmental Responsibility

Teaming up with Accurafy Advisory offers me the opportunity to have a foothold in the tech & start-up universe, as well as to benefit from its very flexible model. I can bring my know-how and share my network to entrepreneurs & their teams, whose business model have convinced me and that I want to support. With AA, I can be an active investor and make a difference.


Operating Partner

Entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in web.

OverBlog & Teads co-founder and Board member.

CTO then Chief Product Officer, scaling up from 10 to 1,000 people.

Experience in M&A.

Graduate from INSA Toulouse in Computer Science.

As an investor but also Senior Advisor, I’m bringing my experience to fast growing companies. My passions are product strategy, company vision, culture and organization.

Areas of expertise


Work with our experts

We provide our startups an active and tailored operational support mobilizing various key areas of expertise within our network.

Product development & innovation Consulting and implementation of technological improvement (AI), development of a new range (financiarisation), monetization.
Finance Help in structuring the financial management function, support in reporting and financial communications.
Social, societal and enviromental responsibility Advice in the context of obtainng the B-Corp label, assistence in the development of a transversal CSR policy.
Distribution & international expansion Provision of the professional network of associates and other A4 investors, procreative approach to B2B prospects.
Marketing & communications Construction of communication strategy, implementation of press relations.

Annabelle is registered at the Paris Bar Association as a Lawyer.

She has 20 years of experience in French laws including 10 years in large international M&A operations, and 10 years as counsel for startups and founders.

She studied at ESSEC (France), and Paris II university (“Assas” - Paris).

She is more particularly at ease with complex legal environments, requiring the combined expertise of entrepreneurs/financiers and lawyers, in the context of either fast growth or structural difficulties.

Areas of expertise
M&A and investment operations
Restructuring laws
About her role within AA

I’m proud to help Accurafy4 share its in-depth business knowledge, in a positive, straight to the point and multi-faceted approach, allowing startups to fully benefit from their growth potential and strategy.

François MINEC
Managing Director

François spent almost 15 years in VELOX, a leading pan-European distributor of raw material specialties and solution provider for the plastics, composites, additives, rubber, paints and coatings industries, in Germany, first as Business Manager then as General Manager.

In 2015, he joined Advanc3D Materials which has been acquired by BASF 3D Printing Solutions since then.

Areas of expertise
Sales & Marketing
Product Development
Plastics and Additive Manufacturing
About his role within AA

François has a very strong expertise in sales, marketing and chanel management within the industry (3D printing, chemicals, etc.). At A4, we are very happy to count on his EMEA & DACH network.

Stanislas CHAPRON
Senior Advisor

36 years of professional experience.

Former Advisor to the French Minister of Industry, Post & Telecommunications and Foreign Trade.

Former CEO of Marsh France, Chairman Risk Management (Large Groups) and Client Advisory Services of Marsh EMEA, CEO of Global P&C and International of Siaci Saint Honoré.

Graduate Ecole Polytechnique, ENSTA and Stanford University.

Areas of expertise
Risk Exposures
Insurance Coverage
Risk Management
About his role within AA

It is pleasure to be able to support innovative and digital disruptives advantages for clients with large clients relations and with its development strategy.

France Meta &

40 years of management and consulting in advertising, travel, energies, FMCG and technologies.

Focus for 7 years on Blockchains, tokenizations, NFTs, metaverses, DAO … for wines, movies, potatoes, carbon …

Co-Founder of France Meta to propose simple metaverse and rapid propagation of web3 and world tokenisation.

Engineer (Arts et Métiers) and MBA (HEC) + psychology.

Areas of expertise
Web3, NFTs, metaverses, DAO, tokens
Tech, energy, new farming
Management, strategy, HR and disruptions
About his role within AA

Pierre brings his seasoned views on projects and more specifically the ones with a strong disruptive power.


Co-founder of Ma Levée de Fonds, which assists young, innovative and fast-growing companies, as well as more mature companies in all sectors, in their equity transactions.

Partner of C&B CONSEILS, an independent company specialized in the strategy of development and optimization of the professional and private assets of company managers and executives.

Founder of DVI COURTAGE, a credit and Loan Insurance Broker, subsidiary of the DV Immobilier real estate group.

Areas of expertise
Private equity and Asset Management
Financial transactions
Commercial strategy
About his role within AA

I am used to working with a large range of Venture Capital funds but Accurafy4 is different.It is a unique investment model. Accurafy4 is an active investor funded by successful entrepreneurs. It is not about the money, it is about sharing the knowledge of the success.That’s why I am excited being a part of the team.


After spending part of his career in banking and finance, Pierre Quintard is a multi-recidivist entrepreneur working in software technologies.

In parallel with its activities, he has worked to develop solutions to preserve areas of biodiversity in Africa.

Founder and former CEO of Invoxis, a company that develops solutions to fight against illicit networks, he is today President the Jane Goodall Institute for France and Francophone Africa.

Areas of expertise
Software Technology
About his role within AA

Pierre has a very strong expertise in the software industry as well as in the green business. At A4, we are very happy to count on his network and strategy support.

Charlotte LEPERE

20 years of experience in major communication agencies in France (DDB, Publicis, Ogilvy, Lonsdale, Angie).

Co-Founder and chief excecutive of Reveli, a business design agency that assists its clients with branding, brand positioning, communication, social media and business partnerships.

Doctorate degree in Philosophy, in Sorbonne University.

Areas of expertise
About her role within AA

I advise and assist B2B and B2C companies in creating and strengthening their brand identity and market reach, with a constant focus on business performance.

Gian Luca FETTA
Head of Trading at Melanion Digital
Partner at CRZ Pricing

20 years in Capital Markets, managing 500 Front office traders, sales and structurers.

Senior consultant in tech, fintech and asset management start-ups.

Product development and strategic growth initiatives.

Gian Luca holds a degree in Economics and Finance from Milan’s Bocconi University.

Areas of expertise
Capital Markets
Asset Management
About his role within AA

Accurafy is unique in that it allows investors to participate at every stage of the process, from the initial due diligence to the strategic decision of the investee companies, thus leveraging on the widest range of expertise.

Former CEO Warwyck Private Bank Founder Manager

25 years of experience in private banking and wealth management by leading banks in Europe and Africa.

He invested in Fintech companies and graduated from Oxford twice (Fintech and Blockchain strategy programs).

Karl has been the CEO of Warwyck Private Bank Ltd.

He started his career at BNP Paribas in private banking.

Acting as an investor in various companies operating in Africa and Europe.

Areas of expertise
Private banking Wealth management
Asset management
About his role within AA

As an investor but also senior advisor, I’m bringing my experience to fast growing companies thanks to a large network of investors and professionals based in Africa and Europe. I spent my professional career to advise UHNW Entrepreneurs to optimize and to secure their wealth but also by accompanying EM to raise funds.

CSO Finance – BT&I Conseil

Banker for 25 years, with M&A, markets (ECM, DCM), corporate, project and leverage finance expertise : debt structuring, LBO, acquisitions.

Advised 150+ deals from midcap to large caps, across different sectors and special situations. Attention to ISR-ESG and impact investing.

Partner of CSO Finance, an independent Advisor specialized in Strategic Finance for PE Funds, Corporates and Investors.

Areas of expertise
Private Equity, LBOs
Leveraged Financial transactions
Financial Strategy
About his role within AA

Focusing on innovative, tailored financing structures, I bring my interest in impact investing and ventures to these exciting, complex deals that leverage our contribution to real value creation – both financial and extra-financial.

Dr. Boglarka SZELJAK LL.M.

Bogi is registered at the Budapest Bar Association as a Barrister.

She has 10 years of experience in international and EU law with a large number of cross-border transactions.

She studied at King’s College London (Masters in Transnational Law, LLM), the University La Sapienza in Rome, and the ELTE Faculty of Law Budapest.

Areas of expertise
Intellectual Property
Corporate / M&A law
Commercial / Consumer law
About her role within AA

I bring my passion of advising companies and helping start-up entrepreneurs turning their ideas into legally compliant business successes. Being the sole owner and decision-maker in the law firm, I understand entrepreneurship. Not afraid of challenges and never give up to find the best solution for clients, I enjoy collaborating in diverse legal environments.


Founder and CEO of OpusDream, a company specialized in digital transformation, which has launched OpusLink, a Multi-Bank e-Banking platform.

Founder and CEO of Indep-It, a digital platform whose main objective is to connect freelancers in the field of information technology with companies.

Before that, spent 20 years at BNP Paribas, in Switzerland, Dubai, Spain and the US, as Head of e-Banking, Cash Management and Business Solutions.

Areas of expertise
Innovation & Digital Transformation
Banking solutions
Distribution & International Expansion
About his role within AA

I immediately embraced the style of Accurafy Advisory founders, who position themselves as business facilitators. The dynamism and flexibility of the teams, as well as the economic and social role played by the fund, convinced me to join the adventure. I am delighted to be able to make good use of the network I have developed over my 20 years of career, particularly in Switzerland, with potential investors and entrepreneurs.


We are Félix and Jean, and together we are Punchie.

Our purpose is to analyse the leader's behavior and to help him define his short and middle term objectives.

We help him identify and leverage on his talents. We provide tools where he lacks skills and encourage him to build an organization where he is less and less operational and more and more strategist.

Areas of expertise
Leaders’ performance
Interpersonal Communication Advice
Public speaking
About his role within AA

We are very much committed in the success of the leader’s purpose. We help him find the right questions to answer and give personal insights coming from our experience with other leaders (respecting at all times confidentiality). To be a strategist is to look at the board as it is, and not as we would want it to be. So we help leaders look at themselves without complacency with skills and flaws.


Intrapreneur: creation and development of international subsidiaries in Africa (French speaking area).

Entrepreneur/founder experience with digital startups.

Working in digital and software sector for more 20 years with skills in Management, Business Development, Marketing, International Strategy, Executive Education, Partners channel development, Public sector.

Graduate of EM Lyon business school.

Areas of expertise
Digital Platform
Business Development
Public sector
About his role within AA

Expert in the digitalization and transformation of organizations, I believe in the strong development potential of the African continent. After starting my career in France, I moved to Casablanca in 2011 to develop the African market on behalf of the Visiativ group and for EM Lyon business school. With Accurafy4, I want to bring my know-how and share my African network to entrepreneurs to support them in their international development. I am also looking for experience in the investment fund industry.

Senior Advisor

15 years of experience in entrepreneurship and business development in Tech across the African market.

Sustaining the growth of Digital offers for Visiativ Africa and BDO.

Founder of MGI and co-founder of BWG, a platform for business development that helps European and African companies extend their business in the African market.

Graduate of INSA LYON.

Areas of expertise
Industry 4.0 & Digital transformation
ERM & Business process Management
Sales & International Expansion
About his role within AA

I assist companies in developing business in Africa as I fully believe in the continent's potential in the digital field. Many African countries have already put in place their digital strategies, giant companies of the digital industry have well understood the trend and made it clear by being present in these countries. This allows them to cease business opportunities but also anticipate the penury of digital talents by acquiring new competences and talents that are very present in the African countries, particularly Morocco.

Marc Toumelin
Senior Advisor

30 Years in Information Technology & FMCG Companies.

Chief Marketing Officer and Sales Director.

Consultant in Digital transformation & Customer Engagement.

Startup Advisor in Europe (30+ companies mentored).

Company Founder & Investor.

Certified Professional Coach RNCP 2.


Areas of expertise
Value Proposition & Messaging
Sales Strategy & Customer Engagement
Marketing & Communication
About his role within AA

Being Customer focused, I leverage B2C Marketing in B2B Customer Engagement to win every Customer in a unique Way.

Senior Advisor

Entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in fintech.

Founder of SuccessData (AI startup in London), sold to Cyclone Robotics.

Ex-head of EMEA business at MSCI.

Graduate from ENSIMAG in Applied Mathematics.

Areas of expertise
B2B SaaS in AI / data / analytics
GTM, Strategy
About his role within AA

As a Senior Advisor, I am keen to bring my expertise to other entrepreneurs. I have worked in both large organisations and startups, I have been a founder myself, and I want to give back some of the experience and advice I received to help portfolio companies succeed.

Senior Advisor

25 years of experience in software development, including product and team management.

Strong organisational skills, ability to prioritise tasks and keep projects on schedule.

Contributor of some Open Source projects.

Co-founder and associate of BlaBlaCar.

Areas of expertise
Software development cycle - Agile methodologies
Backend and Frontend development - UI/UX
International environment
About his role within AA

I do what I say, I say what I do.